Safety Tip of the Week

Whether you drive a company vehicle, or driving is part of your daily routine in your personal life, we want you to always be safe. Below are some tips on how you can keep yourself and others safe while driving.

  • Avoid speeding and plan your route. Advanced planning saves far more time than speeding.
  • Keep an eye on the speedometer. When doing the recommended mirror sweep every 5-6 seconds, check the odometer for your speed.
  • Identify posted speed limits. Recognizing posted speed limits will help you maintain the recommended speed for that road.
  • Consider weather conditions. Speeding during bad weather conditions makes it more difficult to maintain control of the vehicle.
  • Braking. The faster a vehicle is going, the longer it takes to come to a complete stop. You’ll need 3 seconds for every 1 car length.

Below are four tips on how to avoid distractions while driving:


  • Keep the phone out of reach.
  • Set seat, mirrors, and navigation prior to driving.


  • Keep your eyes on the road.
  • Pull over to read directions.


  • Stay focused on the road.
  • Keep emotions in check


  • Turn down the radio.
  • Put the phone on “Do not Disturb” mode