Local 10 understands the importance of being politically active. Our Union’s involvement in Legislative Issues and Political Action is vital if we intend to succeed in our constant battle for the good paying jobs that our members deserve.

When our members participate in political action or attend town hall meetings, we create a foundation to build strong political relationships that are essential in lobbying for laws that not only benefit us, but all working people. We are neither Democratic or Republican. We believe that every elected official is subject to hurting or helping us, so we make it a point to keep them all honest.

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This type of involvement not only helps Local 10's membership, but all other unions and working people alike. When seeking the support of elected officials, we must first show that we are familiar with the issues in order for them to take us seriously. Once that is established, the most important task of our union is to be persistent or no official will act on our behalf. That is where you come in. Elected officials often witness Local 10's members mobilizing in support of new legislation or candidate support. The political community instantly recognizes how valuable we are in the political process. When we lobby for laws to protect working people, elected officials are often reminded by their staff of the impact that was demonstrated through our support. They know that when we care about an issue, we commit our full support whenever necessary.

To get involved with the Local 10's political efforts, or to find out how you can help your union gain a voice in local, state and federal legislation, contact the Local 10 Union Office. You can also speak with your shop steward or attend a General Membership Meeting and discuss politics there. And remember, when it comes to politics, all politics  local!