Why the IBEW Supports Joe Biden

Monday, September 28, 2020

"We feel that Joe Biden is the best choice for the IBEW because he has taken the time to listen to what our members have to say about the biggest challenges facing our country. And that makes me confident that IBEW members will always have a seat at the table in a Biden administration." - Lonnie R. Stephenson, IBEW President, 2/6/20

"Lonnie, I can't thank you enough, for you guys all the way back in February endorsing me. I promise you. I promise you. I promise you: I will not let you down," he said. "You've been with me my whole career. You're the folks I grew up with. You're the backbone of the country. You're the people who keep this engine running. Wall Street didn't build America; you built America." -Joe Biden, to the IBEW's 2020 Campaign Kick-Off, 7/8/20


Vice President Biden has stood with unions and marched in solidarity with striking workers his entire career. Before he left the Senate in 2008 and entered the White House as vice president, he had a 100% voting record on working family issues in 2007 and a lifetime voting rating - over 35 years - of 85 percent.

Joe Biden outlines his labor advocacy in his Empower Workers Plan.

We need a leader in the WHITE HOUSE who will stand up for workers, support union rights, and fight to create an economy that works for ALL Americans.

On November 3rd you have a choice - Who do YOU think will stand up for workers?